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Inspection and Maintenance Services

Solutions that Make Sense

AP Innovations provides a range of services for farmers and commercial operations all over the country.

Our crew will visit your site and perform a visual inspection to check for common issues that may be costing you money. These include water leaks, poor air flow under the bin floor, mechanical problems in the equipment, and improper ventilation. In addition, we will check the electrical system, the grain drying and storage processes, as well as current housekeeping practices.

Following inspection, a report is generated with recommendations for a better storage plan. When you use our services, we monitor your system 24/7 during the drying and storage process until the grain ships out.

Grain Drying and Storage Management Benefits

  • Improves Quality
  • Inventory is Better Managed
  • Reduces Drying Cost
  • Reduces Shrink
  • Reduces the Possibility of Damaged Grain

Ultimately, you get peace of mind knowing your grain drying processes are being handled at all times.

Other Services

Fan Control - Fan controls can be managed via the internet from any computer or mobile device. The fan automation, in conjunction with our system, allow you to do the following:

  • Decrease Fan Maintenance
  • Maintain Grain Temperatures and Moisture for Long Periods 
  • Reduce Energy Costs 
  • Reduce Shrink
  • Rehydrate Crops
  • Run at the Optimum EMC

All of this can be done automatically.

Temperature and Moisture Cables - Our system allows you to see and know what’s going on inside any size storage bins. This is done by mounting cables into the bin, allowing you to read the grain moisture and temperature from top to bottom. You will also see a 3D image of the grain and an approximation of bushels. The program can do the following:

  • Help Maintain Long-Term Grain Moisture and Temperatures for Increased Grain Quality
  • Send Alarms if a Rise in Temperature Occurs
  • Tell Fans When to Run to Maintain the Grain
  • Send alarms if fans or heaters do not operate as they are supposed to

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