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Our History

We Are Pioneers in the Industry

We offer an advanced grain monitoring program, established in 2012. We use proven strategies that are backed by science to reduce energy, reduce shrink, maximize quality, and reduce waste in the farm and commercial sectors.

Our grain storage systems are computerized, with 5 technicians consistently monitoring storage conditions and ambient conditions remotely. All of our staff have an extensive background in the grain storage and engineering industries.

Owners Mike Shook and Steve Danforth guarantee that when our system is utilized, you will receive a very good return on investment. This is achieved by reducing energy costs and ensuring you get the maximum amount of the best quality grains – every time.

More About Our Owners

Mike Shook and Steve Danforth are industry pioneers who are always on the cutting edge of grain technology. Steve and Mike have been awarded many times by peers in the state of Arkansas for their outstanding work as engineers. We also have two sister companies, Agri Process Innovations and AP Fabrications that offer a variety of other services in the food processing industry. We are working hard to bring more savings and higher profits to farmers.

Together, We Can Go Far!

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